En meditation som jag fullkomligt älskar är denna från Gabrielle Bernstein. Den är skriven för en kärleksrelation men fungerar lika fint på alla relationer du har i livet, även den du har till dig själv. Kanske behöver du släppa och förlåta en yngre version av dig själv?

Du kan lyssna på den på YT-länken här nedan eller läsa den här:

Meditation leads you to freedom from the egos special relationship. The course states; release yourself and release others. Set them free by releasing them on a daily basis. This often requires forgiveness. It’s highly possible you’ve listened to your egos false stories about your partner and identified them as reality.

Forgiving your partner through your meditation is the only answer. Remember that it is in forgiving that you are released. When you release your lover you let them be who he or she needs to be. And in the midst of forgiveness you can see him or her for who they want to be, and who they really are.

This is beautiful work that can really change your relationship for the rest of your life. When the illusion lifts you can also see the relationship for its truth. This will provide you clarity and love, it will help you make honest decisions based on your inner guidence rather than your ego.

Let go of the outcome and enjoy the freedom. Take a deep breath in your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Hold a vision in your head of your lover, see them standing before you. Smile as you welcome in this vision.

Take a deep breath in and recite in your min; I forgive you. And breathe out; I accept you.

Breathe in; I release you. Breathe out; The light in you reflects the light in me.

We share this light. Envision a beautiful ball of golden light inside your heart and in your chest. And as you breathe in your nose this light grows larger. And on the exhale it begins to extend.

And with every inhale you breathe in more golden light and on the exhale you begin to release it. And with this light you choose to share this love with your partner. Witness the light extending off of you, from your heart to their heart. On the inhale recieve the light into your heart and on the exhale release it. And on your release extend this light from your heart back to their heart. Creating a beautiful cycle of golden light. On the inhale recieve their light and on the exhale release.

And as this beautiful spiral of golden light begins to swirl between the two of you – you recognize that this light is just one. Doesn’t belong to either of you. It exists between the two of you. It represents your oneness, it represents your truth, it represents your shared intention which is love.

This beautful cycle of golden light melts away all of your fears, releases all of your discomfort, lets go of all of your control. It allows you to surrender. Continue to breathe in deeply and recieve this golden light into your heart. On the exhale release it and extend it to your partner. On the inhale recieve this beautful golden light. And on the exhale release it.

On the inhale; I accept you. Exhale; I release you. I accept you. I release you.

I see you as one. I see you as love. I thank you for our learning. I thank you for our optimal opportunities for growth.

I thank you for beeing a teacher. I thank you for beeing a messenger. I thank you for beeing a guide.

May we be free of fear. May we be happy. May we be healthy. May we have serenity and peace. May we be wrapped with golden light. May this be a holy relationship built on content, built on love. May our hearts join in golden light.

I welcome in your light and I reflect it back to you. I accept you. I release you .I welcome you to be whoever you need to be, allowing you to be in your highest truth. And with compassion and love. We join.

I am grateful for you.

I release.



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