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After waking up and looking out on the suns beautiful rays and the glistening snow I started cleaning the apartment. It was a wonderful feeling to shake pillows, blankets, carpets etc. in the fresh winter air. As I was finishing up I found some old notebooks. A major blend of dreams, thoughts and different kinds of tools and education notes. One note I found is called “Happiness project” and it fits perfectly right now, at the start of a new year. Let’s change something to the better every month – all of 2019!

One way of finding out what is to sit yourself down and write:

  • What in life creates positive feelings and brings you joy and satisfaction?
  • What in life bored you or create negative thoughts like shame, anger, anxiety and regret?

I have a strong wish of letting go of control, and I’m successful at times. It’s even pretty far in between the times that fear and control controls me, and once there I “come back” faster than ever. But I still have my moments. I’m human after all 😉 Letting go of all control is not something I’ll achieve by the end of this month, but I can start by taking one step further.

My “”Happiness project” for January will be to; open up to life and work on letting what happens happen ❤️ What’s yours?

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