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New month and time for a new project! 😊 You can find the background to the Happiness project and how my thoughts went in January here.

This month I want to summarize my day every night:

  • What did I do good today?
  • What can I improve, and how can I do it?

I will write this down to have it in black and white in front of me and because it makes it harder to cheat. I’m also thinking that when the month ends I might find something that stands out as moct important in order for me to really dig into it.

Added on 14/2-2019. I listened to a pod featuring the mind hacker Karin Tydén where she spoke about how we automatically store negative thoughts and that we need to actively train storing the positive. Nothing new really, but at the end she tells you to ”cuddle” with positive thoughts and that influenced me to add something to this routine.

Choose 1-3 positive memories from your day, something that happened to you, something you did, a feeling you had – small ordinary things. Then you focus on the memory and stay in that feeling for 30sec. What did you feel? What did you smell? What did you hear? and so on. It’s based on that your brain n super fast on taking in negative thoughts but that it takes 30 seconds to move thoughts from short term memory to long term memory. I’ll add this to my evening routine and, if there’s nothing positive to list? Start small. Still nothing? Start smaller – maybe the first cup of coffee? Keep practicing and trust that it will open up and become easier.


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