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Finally a new moth and a new project! 😊

My happiness project for March will be to set up a morning routine ❤️  All to often the days pass by so quickly and its easy to get swept away in work and completely miss out on listening inwards, at least for me. If I start the day with taking time for myself and listening to my inner voice, through a moments meditation or yoga, I have a much easier time listening to my body and its needs for movement, water, food etc. I also feel that it affects my presence during the day. I get a whole other quality out of my day, and for others who meet me as well. I strongly feel that we have a responsibility of what energy we bring into our encounters with others, it creates a ripple effect and what you send out is reflected back to you and onward onto the surroundings.

So today I’m going to write a morning routine for myself to stick to the rest of this month. It will be a little forced in the beginning, I will want to stay in bed and skip it. That’s just how it is. But if I force myself for the first week or so the positive effects will show and come April I won’t want to stop.

Do you have any great morning routine to share? Do you work on your energy during your days or do you just go along?

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