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Finally June and summertime! 🙂 After a lovely weekend at Sweden Rock festival with fabulous weather and amazing friends I’m now back in Stockholm and ready for this months challenge. After some thinking I’ve decided for it to be: Taking a break! 

I’ve worked very hard for the first half of 2019 and at times like this it’s easy to skip, if not the actual lunch – the lunch break. It’s important we take time for recovery in out everyday lives because our body doesn’t understand the difference between us stressing out of work or getting chased by spears. It turns on the fight, flight response regardless. Leaving us more stressed, creating tunnel vision and don’t leave much room for alternative solutions. So, – to be effective during this hectic period of my life I will dedicate this month to really giving myself a good lunch break and small paus in the afteroon, everyday <3

Do you have any projects for enhancing your life this month?

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