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As I was looking through my notes preparing for a short meditation class on Sunday and figured I might as well share some here too 🙂 Under the “meditation” meditation category on this site you can find older posts if you’re interested.

The best way if you’re new at meditating is ti use guided meditations, find some on Spotify (for ex. this list with Gabby Bernstein), or download an app like Headspace. But if you want to go at it “alone” I’ve listed three easy ones for you here, I call them “mikro-meditations” since they’re short, simple and fast 🙂

Tip 1. Sit comfortably, take 4 fingers on your right hand and place then on your left wrist. Place them so that you feel your pulse and repeat the mantra “Sat nam”, it means “I am truth”. Do this for about 3 mins. A quick and easy way to wind down and get in touch with your body!

Tip 2. 1 minute a day is enough! Sit comfortably with legs crossed. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 seconds, breath out in 5 seconds, hold your breath for 5 secunds.

Tip 3. Choose a mantra, for example ”I’m strong”, ”I’m beautiful””, ”I’m loving”. Focus on your breathing, in and out through your nose. Breathe in and say your mantra. On your exhale say the same mantra (or another one). Continue to repeat the mantra you choose (or another one) quietly for your self for a few minutes.

Tip for longer meditations; have a note pad close by!
Write down what you experienced, felt, what thoughts that popped up, did you see colors, hear something, did your body react in any way?

Links for Kundalini meditations:

Link for information on meditation:


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