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Coaching is a powerful tool to help people reach their goals. It’s a tool that help you see yourself, to grow, to find and use your full potential. Through coaching you come into contact with yourself and your emotions. You get a deeper understanding and a higher consciousness around who you are and what you want.

Common areas for coaching are; Work, Relationships, Health, Dreams/Visions

It could for example be about:

  • Strengthening the relationship with yourself and others.
  • Self confidence and personal growth.
  • Goals in life, your dreams. Discovering and developing your potential.
  • Taking control over your life, getting more energy, changing yourself and your life on a deeper level.
  • Stress management and stress reduction, self discipline, breaking negative patterns and changing your destructive beliefs.
  • Becoming better at saying no, handling difficult situations and finding balance.

Or in your professional life:

  • Are you happy at your workplace? If not, how can you change it?
  • Bettering your communication skills.
  • Stop procrastinating and postponing important things
  • Career advice, defining next steps.
  • Developing your leadership like for ex;
    • Further developing competencies surrounding your employees like creating better yearly interviews/reviews that actually make a difference.
    • Developing your skills in conflicts, problem solving and becoming clear in your communication.
    • Becoming more aware and comfortable in your role as well as developing a coaching style to your leadership .

All professional coaching is about what is best for you. It’s your agenda and as your coach I don’t have any goals or purposes of my own with our conversations, nor do we have them for me to tell you what to do. I can help you see things that you yourself don’t, help you past what is holding you back and help you find the strength and courage to believe in yourself and in the process. Within coaching we can sometimes look into the past, if it has a particular role to play, but mostly we only work from the now and on finding the best strategies moving forward.

I work according to ICF’s (International Coach Federation) methods, core competencies and ethical guidelines together with influences of Co-Active Coaching, MI (motivational interviewing) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

I always work under processional secrecy, – all we speak of is between the two of us.

Usually for work- and/or leadership coaching we meet once or two times per month, and for life- and/or relationship coaching we meet once a week. The sessions usually last 60 minutes and either we meet in person, online or over the phone, – or it’s a combination. I’ll adjust to your requests and schedule. This is to be of service to you and not to be another “must” on your list. 

On occasion for a specific problem/dilemma I can offer a one time session, but I don’t recommend having less than 3 sessions. 6 sessions even, when it comes to more complex subjects. It’s about creating favorable conditions in order to open, treat and close processes. For life and relationship coaching there will also be home assignments for you to complete in between sessions.


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