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Many feel confused about all the different health advice in media today. I will help you find out what is true for you, we’re doing this to create joy and energy in your life, not to create anxiety or worry. If you want to know more about my personal thoughts on health you can read about it here.

We all have health goals we want to achieve. It can simply be to feel better than we do today, or something more specific. Maybe your doctor has asked you to make a lifestyle change but not told you how and you need help. In any case I take on, first we’ll discuss what you what to achieve and then we lay a plan of how we get there, together. Think of it like you have a personal trainer helping you get good habits into your everyday life 🙂

I look at many different factors and how they affect your health and energy levels, like: diet, workout, breathing, sleep, recovery, environment and your overall mental state. What’s important isn’t what you know from before but that we look at where you are now, where you want to be, and by when. I prefer to not count calories and believe we will achieve a lasting long term change if we work with your health as a whole. But – if you have a specific goal of loosing weight and this is a tool you prefer, – then we can of course incorporate this.

I’ll help you with guidance and tips, like what should be on your shopping lists and what to remove, how to think when you clean out your pantry and what to avoid – why you should and what you replace it with. I will be your cheerleader helping you as much as little as you want and need. Some want support on a daily basis, others want to check-in once a week and a third might want a combination.

Many of my sessions are online where we keep in touch through e-mails, this means there are no special times for you to be at a special place.